Time One tackles mankind’s most baffling question: What happened at the instant when the universe began? Gillespie, a much-published physicist, biologist, lawyer and author, says that humankind now has the clues to solve this problem. Time One delivers what Einstein’s co-author Leopold Infeld called the greatest pleasure: Understanding. [learn more]

“Colin Gillespie has given people interested in physics and cosmology much to think about.”
- Dr. David Miller, Space Physicist at California Institute of Technology 


How far has science taken us? How much further might it go? In This Changes Everything author and scientist Colin Gillespie suggests that the scientific revolution has barely gotten off the ground. Gillespie is quick to acknowledge and celebrate the victories (notably of general relativity and quantum mechanics) but in this provocative essay he looks at what holds us back from reaching even greater accomplishments and comes up with a startling conclusion. [learn more]


Time One author Colin Gillespie helps you understand the physics of your world. 

One of the resounding themes behind Colin Gillespie’s Time One: Discover How the Universe Began is the notion of keeping things simple. It’s not that the average person doesn’t like physics or math; it’s that they don’t understand it. There is no lack of curiosity in our world, but what we do lack is a common, simple language of understanding. Gillespie’s weekly posts cut out the jargon to show readers that they capable of understanding. Everyone is able to develop new ideas and maybe, just maybe, come up with a simple answer for it all.

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