About Big Fizz

Launched in October 2012, Big Fizz sparks and supports new thinking about deep – and sometimes old – ideas. Its mission is to take on some of the boldest ideas of all and to ask the oldest and still most fundamental questions: Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we all going?

To prime participation in the universal conversation, Big Fizz will use new media, commissioned art, live and virtual events, and – of course – books.

Our business concept

We surf McLuhan’s massive wave.  As publishers, how do we do this?

  • Use digital platforms that are readily available all over the planet and even outer space
  • Extend the reader’s experience beyond books
  • Interact with readers before, during and after they read books
  • Seek out and proactively encourage cross-fertilization between serious ideas, pop culture, art forms
  • Commission works of art
  • Run international contests with significant prizes
  • Connect readers with thought leaders and with other readers – like-minded or not
  • Continually support, and reinvest in, the proliferation of ideas