Who We Are

Biz Fizz is an apt metaphor for our style and substance. It is the sum of its people. Its growing, organic and open atmosphere fosters open exchange.

Howard Gurevich, chief executive officer

In common with his lifelong friend and mentor Colin Gillespie, Howard Gurevich understands that impermanence is the natural state. He is guided by deep introspection and an innate willingness to help. Whether as a marketer, mentor, business leader or community volunteer, he serves as an agent of change, for the betterment of others. He leads by being a good follower, using the lightest possible touch, and remaining open to all possibilities.


Colin Gillespie, president

Start with an insatiable curiosity and an off-the-charts IQ. Add a passion not only for science but for literature (with an especially warm spot for fictional detectives). Mix in an abiding sense of personal humility and social responsibility, a devilish sense of humour, and a seemingly boundless source of energy. A physicist, lawyer and author, the reality that everything is changing is what permeates Colin Gillespie’s thinking and guides his actions.