Gravity Waves from Big Bang Foreshadowed in 2013 Physics Book: Time One

Manitoba, Canada – March 17, 2014 - Canadian-Australian physicist Colin Gillespie has published a new and far simpler model of how the Big Bang began. It explains the reason why the Big Bang must leave large gravitational waves, as reported by a team of astronomers.

‘The surprising findings of large gravitational waves are no surprise to readers of Time One: Discover How the Universe Began, Gillespie said today, in a phone call from Kosovo. They will appreciate that its “inflation” begins at 10-44 seconds, so it predicts a large effect of just the kind that’s now reported.’

He said that Time One explains the strange behavior known as “inflation” without any of the arbitrary assumptions and problems that attach to all “inflationary cosmology” models. In particular, it does not need the incredible degree of fine-tuning they require. “Time One assumes the extra six dimensions needed by string-theory math are real and they were there from the beginning,” Gillespie said. “The rest is easy.”

For more background see a recent review by Caltech physicist David Miller at

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