Publishing Company Big Fizz Awards $1,000 for Photographers Idea

Photo contest winner Kimberly Hammiltons  Lasting Summer Serenity 

Photo contest winner Kimberly Hammiltons
Lasting Summer Serenity 

Winnipeg, Canada, April 15, 2013 – For photographers in the “Let’s Talk Ideas” photo contest, an idea was worth $1,000 and an art exhibition. Sponsored by the publishing company Big Fizz Inc., the international contest encouraged the expression of sharing ideas through a photograph. One grand prize winner received $1,000 and a featured place in the “Let’s Talk Ideas” exhibit held at Gurevich Fine Art in Winnipeg, Canada. Ten secondary winners received $100 each and a place in the same exhibit. Winners were determined by over 7,900 individual votes cast online.

Big Fizz awarded the grand prize to Kimberly Hamilton of the United States for her photo Lasting Summer Serenity, which made commentary on the state of our natural resources both within the United States and abroad. Other winning ideas included the imaginative nature of children, our perceptions of reality, and the need for equality. The winning photographs are available at

“We are all about proliferating bold ideas and supporting the conversations they generate.” explains Big Fizz CEO Howard Gurevich, “The ideas articulated in our books can be conveyed in various art forms. This contest was our first challenge to anybody interested in ideas to express what they look like in a photograph. The number of entries and engagement with the universal conversation is encouraging and shows there are still people who believe in thinking differently.”

The Big Fizz “Let’s Talk Ideas” photo contest, which closed on March 25th, 2013 drew over 400 entries and 21,700 views to the Big Fizz contest page. The “Let’s Talk Ideas” fine art exhibit will take place at Gurevich Fine Art from August 2nd to 23rd, 2013.

Big Fizz Inc. is the world’s least conventional publishing company. Its mission is to take on some of the boldest ideas of all and to ask the oldest and still most fundamental questions: Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we all going? The vision is to enliven the everyday dialogue with communities it shares. More information about Big Fizz is available at

Gurevich Fine Art is an art gallery who’s focus is the presentation of a wide range of the finest contemporary art from both established and emerging local, national and international artists. The range of visions and voices presented is vast in its varied styles, periods and comprehensiveness. More information on Gurevich Fine Art is available at


Alexandra Rohne
Big Fizz Inc.